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30 by Ninety has been providing quality live entertainment on the Northshore since it was founded in 2014. Located in Mandeville, LA, this non-profit theatre is truly community-driven in its scope and outreach. 30 by Ninety has numerous opportunities for the local community to be involved, like holding open auditions of all its shows, offering volunteer work for both on and off stage (and service hour opportunities for students), as well as partnering with local restaurants and businesses.

Updates & News

10th Season Lineup Announced!

Announcing our Celebratory 10th Season of Revivals! The season is filled with Fan Favorites from past seasons and a new offering – 13 The Musical! ** Honoring Our Past By Making It The Future **

Always A Bridesmaid                   13 The Musical                   The Rocky Horror Show
A Very Merry Christmas Spectacular                    Nunsense                    A Few Good Men
The Importance Of Being Earnest                  The Great American Trailer Park Musical

Upcoming Auditions

6:00 PM
(callbacks, if necessary)
6:30 PM

Tonya Lagman

Chris Aberle


August 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 || 8:00 PM
August 13, 20, 27 || 2:30 PM


Rehearsals will run June 13 – August 11.
Register for the audition here:
Questions? Email with the subject: Bridesmaid Auditions

Auditions will be a cold reading from pre-selected sides individually and/or with others.
— If you would like to audition but are unable to attend the initial round of auditions, please contact Video auditions may be an option.
— If you are aware of any conflicts, please indicate them on the audition signup form or during the audition in order to facilitate scheduling.

** Each show in our revival season will have a tie back to the original production. We are happy to announce that AMY RIDDELL will be reprising her role as Monette Gentry. The production team looks forward to having Amy’s comedic timing and attention to detail as a vital part of their production.

On the night of their senior prom, Libby Ruth, Deedra, Monette and Charlie promise that they will be bridesmaids in one another’s weddings… no matter what. Now, more than thirty years later, these Southern gals are still making “the long walk” for each other, determined to honor that vow. ‘For better or for worse’ takes on a whole new meaning in this delicious comedy about old friends.


Kari Ames-Bisssette [Late 20’s] – Kari is a kind-hearted, spirited Southern charmer. She is the daughter of Libby Ruth who delivers her wedding toast/ speech to the reception as a prelude to each scene, culminating in an interaction with the other characters in the final scene. Through her monologues, she begins to get a little more and more tipsy from the champagne that she is drinking.

Libby Ruth Ames [Late 40’s] – Hopeless romantic, sweet country woman, plain-spoken and guileless. She is the “mother” of the group of life-long friends as well as the real mother of Kari. LIbby Ruth’s motherly presence helps the girls stay on track through the wild ride of the weddings.

Sedalia Ellicott [60’s] – A gregarious, energetic Virginia hostess and life-force. She is a bit outrageous in her dress but is as organized as a drill sergeant. She will do whatever it takes to help the weddings run smoothly from a gentle nudge to wild threats.

Charlie Collins [Late 40’s] – Tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, acerbic Southern free spirit. Charlie is a good old country girl who’s free spirit gets her into some sticky situations during the weddings.

Deedra Wingate [Late 40’s] – Headstrong with a dry wit, no-nonsense Northern transplant. Being a judge gives Deedra a certain temperament that helps keep the others in line while being able to adapt to whatever is thrown her way.

10:00 AM
6:00 PM

Emily Carmadelle
Jesse White


June 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30; July 1 || 8:00 PM
June 11, 18, 25; July 1 || 2:30 PM


Rehearsals will run March 27 – June 9. (A detailed rehearsal schedule will be provided at the audition.)
Rehearsals will typically be Mon. – Thurs. [6:30-9:00 PM] & Saturdays [10:00-1:00 PM]. One will not be called to every rehearsal. Auditionee is expected to have all conflicts for the rehearsal period available, and ready to notate on the Audition Form.
Register for the audition here:
Questions? Email with the subject: Producers Auditions

Some auditioners may be asked to do a reading from the script – sides will be provided.

Casting for THE PRODUCERS includes roles for 6 principal characters, and 16-20 chorus members, men and women over the age of 16. This musical is based on Mel Brooks’ 1968 film of the same name.

Vocal Audition Info:
Auditioners should prepare a one-minute fully-memorized selection they feel best represents their vocal ability. This should not be from THE PRODUCERS, but from a comparable show (thinking Broadway or Hollywood pre-1980’s style). Be prepared to start your audition with the section you feel best showcases your abilities, since audition time will be limited. Please plan to bring an accompaniment recording with you to your audition. The music director might also ask to check your vocal range during the audition as well.

Please bring/wear appropriate clothing and footwear for a short choreography call after vocal audition. If you own tap shoes, please bring these as well. This is a tap-heavy show although not all dancers will be required to tap.


The chorus roles of The Producers are huge roles, covering 5-7 parts per chorus member. Please do not be dismayed by “chorus”, they MAKE the show.
All ages are just a suggestion and will be adjusted to fit the needs of our casting.

MAX BIALYSTOCK – Gender: Male Age: 40 to 55 || Vocal range top: F#4.
The consummate con man. Naturally animated and bombastic, he is never at a loss for charm and manners. Typically conspires with Leo. A loveable rogue who is desperate to return to his former glory days, has a persuasive charm and a devilish mind, although he is often angry, short-tempered and unwilling to cooperate nicely. Max requires a comic actor with impeccable timing, high energy and agility, not great deal of dancing required but his frantic disposition will call for a a lot of movement.

LEO BLOOM – Gender: Male Age: 35 to 45 || Vocal range top: F4A
Timid unassuming, naïve, meek to the point of neurotic accountant yearning to become a Broadway producer and live life to the fullest but intimidated by Max Bialystock’s vivacity and aggression, will also require an actor with great comic timing and an ability to demonstrate a journey in growth of confidence throughout the course of the show.

FRANZ LIEBKIND – Gender: Male Age: 35 to 55 || Vocal range top: G4
German loyalist playwright of “Springtime for Hitler” who has never left WWII behind. From his lederhosen to his pigeon, Adolph, his love for the motherland is unmistakable. He is imposing yet tender. Role demands an actor with absolute presence, and he must believe everything he is saying. When Franz is on-stage the audience must be slightly unsure of what he might end up doing –either breaking into song and dance or throwing someone through a wall, aggression and unpredictability are essential. Good German accent and the ability to play big comedy seriously are necessary.

ROGER DE BRIS – Gender: Male Age: 50 to 60 || Vocal range top: G4
New York’s most famous and flamboyant stage director, desperate for the true recognition of his theatrical talent. Surrounds himself with deliciously beautiful clothing, people, and possessions. In a crowd, it would be impossible to miss him. Roger is obviously camp, yet he should be masculine in build, must look good in a dress even if somewhat hairy, definitely the butch one in his relationship with his assistant Carmen. Role calls for flamboyance and over the top comic acting, needs to have one of the best and strongest voices in the show, required to sing beautifully over the chorus at times.

CARMEN GHIA – Gender: Male Age: 25 to 35 || Vocal range top: A4
Roger Debris’ faithful “common-law assistant.” Carmen is severe in looks and passion for Roger. He may appear younger than he actually is thanks to skilled surgeons; should have the moves of a cat and the soul of Norma Desmond.

Gender: Female Age: 20 to 30 || Vocal range top: G5
A young and hopeful actress. Though her beauty might eclipse her talent, Ulla is passionate about life and art. Quite a clueless seductress in some ways.

ENSEMBLE (7 Men and 10 Women) – Gender: All Age: 16+ || Vocal range: All
Strong singers and/or strong dancers, tap is a plus, but not all need to tap, to play a multitude of roles such as Roger’s Entourage, Mr. Marks, Storm Trooper Tenor Soloist, Usherettes, Bavarian Peasants, Convicts, Girl Prisoners, the Judge, Little Old Ladies, Show Girls, First Nighters, and Accountants, will be in at least 5-6 numbers, plenty of stage time and lots of variety.

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